About Us
The Attorney Well-Being Group was established to improve well-being for lawyers.

Pearlette J. Ramos, J.D. Ph.D., The Attorney Well-Being Group Founder & CEO, works with legal professionals and the organizations that serve them to develop and implement personal and professional development strategies to improve attorney well-being, problem solving, communication, and leadership. Dr. Ramos worked as an attorney for 15 years before obtaining her doctoral degree in Psychology and has created an empirical, research-based framework to help move the legal profession to a culture of positive professionalism.

Dr. Ramos created The Attorney Well-Being Group because of her commitment to developing the potential of attorneys and other busy professionals by educating them on strategies and tools that have been proven by positive psychology research. Her techniques combine the practical experience she gained as a lawyer with scientifically-based principles. The result is a unique approach that takes into account the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of the client.

Dr. Ramos was trained by the Coaches Training Institute and is a Certified Professional Co-Active, Professional Certified Coach and member of the International Coaches Federation (ICF). She continues to innovate in the field of well-being through research, writing and presenting on issues that affect attorneys.

Colette Pfeiffer
After spending 10 years as a successful journalist and public relations consultant, Colette changed careers and retrained as a psychotherapist and change consult. For more than 15 years, Colette has fed her passion for helping individuals to find or rediscover meaning and purpose in their work life. Launching her own company in the UK she created Selfworks Ltd which provided training and workshops for a range of clients including commercial companies and government agencies.

In 2012, Colette relocated to the United Sates seeking new challenges. Her training draws from an eclectic range of models and theories including psychoanalysis, gestalt, transactional analysis, Neuro Linguistic Programming, co-counseling, and Shamanic traditions from the US and Central Africa. Colette is a powerful facilitator with an infectious enthusiasm for learning, combined with insight and humor.
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