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Human Performance Development for Attorneys

The practice of law is inherently stressful. Work-related demands can wreak havoc on attorneys’ lives. Stories of successful lawyers who fall victim to the perils of a busy practice are too common. As time-demands and the pressure to perform at work increase, so does the level of anxiety, stress and dissatisfaction with work. Prolonged unaddressed stress can lead to severe personal and professional consequences, including compassion fatigue, career dissatisfaction, substance abuse, malpractice allegations and unhappiness. The Attorney Well-Being Group offers customized coaching and professional development services for lawyers who seek contentment, or balance, with work as well as their personal lives.

We believe lawyers can flourish in the practice of law and in life. By focusing on evidence-based strategies and practices, lawyers can learn how to improve their well-being and feel fulfilled. Coaching and Professional Development services specifically tailored to the needs of those who practice law can directly influence lawyer’s life and career satisfaction as well as create opportunities for growth that promote attorney well-being in the workplace.

Attorney Well-Being Group strategies and coaching services differ from traditional wellness coaching by taking a systems view of the individual within the legal culture. A systems view focuses on both human and systemic factors that allow organizations to develop and thrive. We seek to understand the nature of the organization, leadership and collaborative practices, and transformative change. Rather than focusing solely on external factors, like work-related behaviors and law practice generally, we collaborate with each individual to identify specific internal needs and motivators (e.g., beliefs, coping strategies, strengths, and values) that can create change and improve well-being. Does this sound like you? Contact us today for a free consultation.

We can help you achieve well-being and increase performance by providing:
  • Specialized one-on-one coaching – Co-active coaching is designed to meet the specific needs of attorneys. Whether you are an associate or partner in your firm, a solo practitioner, or a staff attorney managing your cases we recognize you are serving as a leader in a stressful position. We address the stressors that are unique to you and your environment.
  • Mindfulness Meditation and Relaxation Techniques – Meditation classes and techniques are offered to reduce stress and improve well-being.
  • Resilience (Coping) Skill Development and Assessments – Various tools are used to provide constructive, objective feedback and provide lawyers with a deeper awareness and further insight. Research-based strategies, resilience and strength-based classes and techniques are offered to help build a healthier lifestyle, develop coping skills, and mitigate fatigue and burnout.
Benefits include:
  • Increased productivity
  • Personal growth (e.g., increased awareness, self-acceptance)
  • Greater sense of freedom and purpose in life
  • Increased career satisfaction
  • Increased balance between work and personal obligations
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